March 09, 2023 oVice Go 1.8.1 Incoming Call Notification Update etc. Released

For this release, it is necessary to update the oVice GO mobile app from the App Store. 






Release Details

Enter Button Location

Enter the conference room and Join the group buttons are now displayed above the list of users participating in the conference.



Incoming Call Notifications

You can now receive a call with an incoming call notification on your mobile device.

answering the call



Automatic Microphone Switching when Answering Calls

When you answer a call, the microphone is now automatically switched on.


Display when Screen Sharing is Available

A notification indicator is now displayed on the screen sharing tab when the screen is shared.



Bulk Update Notification Settings for Multiple Spaces

You can now collectively set notification settings for spaces other than the one you are currently in.

* Only spaces accessed from oVice Go after this release (v1.6.0) are displayed on the setting screen.

Notification settings



Access to Profile URL

If the URL is written in the user's profile, you can now access the link destination by tapping the profile URL.



Behavior when Restarting the App

You will now start from the user list screen of the last space you visited.


Add Swipe Actions

You can now go to the lobby by swiping right on the user list screen.
Move to another space


Behavior when Call Ends (iOS only)

When you end the call with the X button, you will now automatically leave the meeting room.


Change Help Page URL

Moved to the latest help page


Screen Sharing Page UI Update

You can now react on the shared screen. Also, each shared screen is now displayed in a list.
View screen share



Security Update

Corresponded to CORS of S3 for security improvement.


Show Screen Share Object

The user list now also shows currently launched screen sharing objects.



Show Current User Speaking

Meetings you join now have green circles around users who have their microphones on and are speaking.



Language Localization Update

Part of the permission request dialog of the call function has been changed to Japanese.


Remove Emoji Button from Chat Text Area

The emoji button in the chat text area has been removed, but you can still use emoji on your OS keyboard.



Update App Name, Icon and Logo

Changed the notation of the new service name and the logo.

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