03/07/2023 New Updates Released: Chat Functions, Menu Updates, and More!

Added Help Center &  Contact Button

You can now contact our support from the menu bar on the upper left.


Click or Enter to Start

When accessing a space, in addition to clicking on the screen, it is now possible to start it with the Enter key.


Show Liked Users

Hovering over a like in each chat will now show the name of the user who clicked the like.


Added External Service Integrations Tab to Personal Settings

On this screen, it is now possible to link with Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, and Zoom.
External service linkage settings


Chat Bubble Design Change

New chat bubble design. Along with this, the UI has been updated as follows.

  • Mention chats are no longer displayed in speech bubbles.
  • When the message is long, "Read More" is now displayed instead of displaying the full text.

Live Avatar Tooltip Update

"Live avatar ON/OFF" is now displayed when hovering over the live avatar.


Error Message Update

An error message that clearly states the error content is now displayed during the following operations.

  • When uploading an image that exceeds the size limit ( Regarding the maximum size )
  • In "Customize space", when a member without edit permission tries to edit the board
  • when trying to set an object outside the current space size


Unify Notation of Access Permission Setting

Some notations of "return" have been unified to "cancel".


Change Menu Layout

The layout of the menu displayed by clicking the menu bar has been changed.


Adjust the Width of the Right Sidebar

Wider sidebar with chatbox, user list, and schedule.


Adjusting the Zoom Position of the Zoom Function

The central part of the screen is now scaled.
Zoom display function


Date Display of Access Permission Settings for our Technical Support

For the Japanese version only, the end date is now displayed as "Year/Month/Day".
Access permission settings for our technical support


Hide "Customize Space" from Mobile Devices

As before, it has been changed so that you can not access the customization screen on mobile.


Current Location Button Tooltip Update

When you hover over the current location button, it now says "Check current location".
Check your current location

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