May 1, 2023 Update released for the noise canceling function, etc.

Controls noise cancellation usage from non-Krisp environments

When using ovice from an environment that does not support Krisp (external service used for ovice's noise canceling function), the noise canceling setting screen will not be displayed. In addition, we have added a control that prevents noise canceling from working in unsupported environments.
For Krisp non-supported environments, please see below.

What is Krisp


Added shortcut key to display absent users

It is now possible to display the "Away" tab directly from the space with the "Ctrl + A / Command + A" key.

user list


Adding Content for Space Object Tooltips

The set object name is now displayed in the tooltip.

Using space objects


Changed the design of the guest login screen and space list screen

Changed the design of the bottom of the screen.



Added a message when the virtual background upload is completed

When the virtual background upload is complete, the message "Image saved" is now displayed.


Updates the order in which users are displayed in the windows of the window socket object

It now shows devices in windows sockets, followed by connected users, then unconnected users within range of the windows socket. Also, users with microphones turned on are now prioritized.


Partial restrictions on visitor access permission settings

Visitor access permission settings are no longer available for Team and Business plan users. Please note that the contents set before the plan change will also be invalid.


Virtual background preset image update

Updated the image to remove the ovice logo.


Retain ovice volume settings when status changes

When changing status from Working to Available, it now returns to Available with previously set volume.

status switch


Added an error message when creating an account

If the user name exceeds the stipulated number of characters, the message "Please limit the user name to 30 characters" is now displayed.

Create account


Changed the notation of the access permission setting screen

The content displayed on the screen for entering email addresses and domains has been updated.



Updated display of selected camera effects

The selected camera effect is now surrounded in blue on the personal settings screen.


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