May 24, 2023 Regarding Avatar Design and Function Updates

In order to improve visibility and foster further communication, we will update the avatar design and some functions in the space.

Planned Release Date

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Major Changes

Avatar Size

We will change the current "40 x 40 px" to "64 x 64 px". This will greatly improve visibility, and the live avatar camera images released the other day will also be easier to see.


Status Ring

The user's current status is now displayed in different colors around their avatar.

Available Screenshot_2023-05-22_at_10.28.44_AM.png
Working Screenshot_2023-05-22_at_10.29.22_AM.png
Connecting to Object / Entering Room Screenshot_2023-05-22_at_10.29.02_AM.png
Live Avatar in Use (Video)
Live avatar

Location Information Display Socket in Use

It is displayed under any of the following conditions.

1. Beacon detects users by using location information display socket function

2. User accessed the space with the same account as 1, but moved avatar online.



* Displayed in the user list.

* Appears in the user list.



Orientation Display

The direction the avatar is facing will now be displayed as an orange line.



Username Display

Your username will now appear on a white translucent background.



Indication of Microphone Mute

It is now displayed in the lower right corner of the avatar. (left image: muted, right image: microphone ON)



Emoji Position

As usual, it is displayed in the upper right.



Use ovice Go

A smartphone icon is displayed when you are participating in a meeting room or object in a space using ovice Go.



Use of Location Information Display Socket

Using the location information socket function, the icon is displayed when the beacon detects the user.


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