May 24, 2023 Released Updates for Window Sockets and More


UI Change for Lower Menu Bar

The user status design has been updated. Also, when switching statuses, the currently selected status is now displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.
status switch



Added Password Setting for Window Socket

Optionally set a password for starting distribution from the distribution device of the window socket.
Installation/distribution of window sockets (beta version)


Tooltip design change for space objects

Changed the design of tooltips displayed on space objects. The following items are displayed respectively.

(1) Type
(2) Name
(3) Description
(4) Accessible user authority

Using space objects



Added error message when uploading virtual backgrounds

When trying to upload an image that has already been uploaded to the virtual background again, the message "Image already exists." is now displayed.


Added 1.5x shared range for objects

You can now select 1.5x in the shared range of space objects and quick objects.

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