E2EE (End-to-End Encryption)

ovice provides E2EE as an optional service.


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E2EE (end-to-end encryption) is a technology that encrypts data at the sending client and communicates it in an encrypted state until the receiving client decrypts the data. As a result, in the case of communication that passes through the server, security is improved because it can pass through the server in an encrypted state.

Ovice usually communicates with TLS, but by using the E2EE option, E2EE can be applied to media communication such as voice and screen sharing via our server, enabling more secure communication. Examples of features covered include audio calling, screen sharing, and video calling on meeting objects and conference rooms .

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How to Use

Please contact our sales representative or apply using the Support Request form.



  • After applying, E2EE will be applied to the space as soon as the procedure is completed. No operation is required on the setting screen by the customer.
  • In spaces where E2EE is applied, E2EE is applied even when ovice Go is used.

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