September 15, 2023 Visitor Ticket Release

We are now starting to offer visitor tickets for some price plans.

Scheduled Release Date

Scheduled for after mid-October 2023

Eligible Subscription and Space Types

Subscriptions: Team / Business
Target space type: Private


A visitor ticket is a ticket required for users with visitor privileges (including visitors) to access private spaces associated with an organization.

Tickets are automatically granted each month according to the number of contracted users, and one ticket is used for each visit by a visitor. Once all tickets have been used, visitor access to the space will be restricted, but additional tickets can be purchased if needed.

Tickets that are automatically granted cannot be carried over to the next month or later, but additionally purchased tickets can be used from the next month onwards.

Number of Tickets Automatically Granted

Twice the number of contracted users

Further details, including how to purchase additional tickets, will be announced at the time of release.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your sales representative or use the contact form below.

ovice inquiry form

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