Using the ovice Desktop App

Advantages of Using the Desktop App

Compared to the web browser version, using the desktop app has the following advantages:

Smoother Startup

No need to "click or enter to start" operation when starting the app.
Also, you can add the app to the OS startup to automatically start the app when the computer starts.
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Higher Resolution Screen Sharing

In the web browser version, the upper limit of resolution is automatically limited by the display on the sending side, but since the app does not have a limit on the sending side, it is possible to share the screen with clearer images.

More Stable Operating Environment

The web browser version processes tasks for multiple websites at the same time, so tasks processed at the same time may affect the use of ovice, but since the app is launched independently, operation is more stable. .


Available Functions/Settings

There are no differences from the web browser version in terms of the types and operation methods of functions such as space movement, chat, and meetings.

Users with administrative privileges can access all setting screens.


Differences from Web Browser Version

  • You cannot access multiple spaces at the same time.
  • Browser extensions are not available.
  • Currently, Mac cannot share system audio when sharing the screen .
  • Currently, it cannot be used in an authenticated proxy environment.
  • Currently, if you have set up "Conditional Access" in Azure AD, single sign-on using SAML authentication may not work properly.
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