February 13, 2024 Desktop App (Windows version 1.1.2/Mac version 1.1.1) Released

A new version is now available. If the update does not occur automatically, please update manually using the method below.
Manual update


Newest Version

  • Windows OS version 1.1.2
  • MacOS version 1.1.1


Add Menu

  • "File" → "Recently Accessed Spaces"
    You can now specify spaces from the access history and move between spaces.
    Menu operation
  • ``Options'' → `` Automatically launch apps when signing in to PC''
    You can now add desktop apps to the startup apps when you sign in to the OS.
    Menu operation


Improved Behavior at Start

When you restart the app, it will now start from the space you last accessed.


Add Notification Badge

The number of unread notifications in Notification Center is now displayed on the notification badge in the desktop app. Additionally, we added an effect to bounce the icon on MacOS and blink the icon on WindowsOS for new notifications.


Added Popup to Open OS Settings Screen (Mac only)

If the OS settings required for screen sharing on a MacOS device have not been set, a pop-up will now be displayed to guide you to the settings screen.

Improved desktop icon design

The icons displayed on the desktop have been reduced in size and have rounded corners.

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