January 31, 2024 Recruiting Custom Object Beta Test Users

We have started recruiting companies and developers to participate in the custom object beta test.


What is a custom object?

Custom objects are original objects that you create yourself.

Requirements for participating in custom object beta testing:

Be a user of an organization using ovice.

How to participate in the beta test:

If you would like to participate, please apply using the form below.


Apply via the Help Desk

After reviewing your request, we will invite you to our Slack community where we can provide information and answer your questions.

In addition, beta test participants can share ideas and discuss custom object creation through communication within the community.

Beta test implementation period:

No end date has been set at this time. 

*We will notify you approximately one month in advance when the offer ends.



  • Objects created during beta testing are set to private, and access and use during the trial period is limited to the organization/space to which the developer belongs.
  • Organization owner permissions are required to access the API settings page.
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