February 9, 2024 Changes to the URL and Specifications of the Free Plan Space

We will be changing the URL and specifications for the spaces used in the Free plan.


Release Date

February 21, 2024

Changing Space URL

The space URL for the Free plan will be changed to the following format. For now, accessing the current URL will redirect to the new URL, but please change your bookmarks as necessary.

Current URL https://<space domain>.ovice.in
After February 21, 2024 https://app.rc.ovice.com/ws/xxxxx/

Network Security Settings

If you are implementing domain control in an environment using the Free plan, please allow the following new domains.

  • app.rc.ovice.com
  • api.rc.ovice.com
  • ws.rc.ovice.com
  • core-ap.rc.ovice.io
  • core-eu.rc.ovice.io
  • core-us.rc.ovice.io
  • core-au.rc.ovice.io

Please refer to the guide below for details.
Network security settings


Specification changes

After the release date, the Free plan space will be an environment where features and updates that are not officially released will be released in advance.

Therefore, the various functions provided in the Free plan are not covered by advance notice or support regarding releases or changes. In addition, please note that there may be unintended defects, etc., and we cannot guarantee the operation or prompt improvement thereof. * Service Level Agreement (SLA) is not applicable to the Free plan. Please click here for plans to which SLA applies .

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your sales representative or use the contact form below.
ovice inquiry form

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