February 21, 2024 ovice Go 2.8.1 Released

For this release, you will need to update at each app store. Please access and update from the link below.

apple.svg Android_Store.png

Release Details


Improved space view functionality

  • When you operate the screen on the Space View screen, a "Join" button will now be displayed on the object for a certain period of time.

    *It will not be displayed for objects to which you do not have connection authority.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 8.45.21 PM.png

  • You can now react and turn the microphone on and off during a meeting on the Space View screen.



Improved screen sharing functionality

If you are joining a meeting from the user list screen, you will now be automatically redirected to the screen sharing page when a participant starts sharing their screen.
*Automatic transition will not occur if Space View, chat, or My Page is open.


Improved user list display

The app now starts with a list of online users open when you start the app.


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