March 4, 2024 Desktop App (version 1.2.0) Released

A new version of the ovice Desktop App is now available. If the update does not occur automatically, please perform a manual update using the following method.
Manual update


Newest Version

Version 1.2.0


Ability to Access Multiple Spaces Simultaneously

An "Open Space" menu has been added that allows you to access the lobby screen in a new window. This allows simultaneous access to multiple spaces in the desktop app.
Menu operation


Improved Status Functionality

When you lock your computer screen, the status will now automatically switch from "Available" to "Busy."
Menu operation


Saving Window Settings

When starting a desktop app, it will now start with the same window size and display position as last time.


Change in Specifications for Closing Desktop App (MacOS)

On MacOS, the specifications have been changed so that the desktop app can be closed using the "Quit ovice" menu operation. This means that it will no longer close automatically if all windows are closed.
Menu operation


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