Log In to a Space as a Registered User

Why Log In?

If you are already a Registered oVice User, you'll need to LOG IN to a space with the email used to create your account. Logging in with your registered account ensures you have full access to all of the tools, features, and objects your permissions allow. If you enter as an un-registered user, you may not be able to engage with certain static objects in the space, and Admins will be unable to view the Space Settings.


How to Log In

If you enter your space but are unable to access all your menus or tools, it's very likely you entered the space as a guest rather than your registered user account. To fix this, you'll want to leave the space, and Log In again from the Lobby.

Our access form that displays from the Lobby has 3 parts: 

  1. Visitor Access Form
  2. Login Form for Members
  3. Registration Form for New Members


Your space's mail URL directs users to your Lobby. The default access form shown from the Lobby is the Visitor Access Form. You may click through to reach the Login and Registration forms.

To quickly reach the Login Form for your individual space, just add /login to the end of your space's URL. For example, if your space Lobby's URL is https://app.ovice.com/ws/demo-space, use https://app.ovice.com/ws/demo-space/login as a shortcut to access your space's login form.


On the Login Form, you may either enter your email address + password credentials, or sign in with an SSO connection to an email address or social media account. If your space has its own SSO authentication, access to your space URL and click the SAML button (Google, Facebook, or Twitter).




You may also log in here and select the space you wish to enter. 

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