February 15, 2023 Updates and Improvements for Meeting Rooms, Open Space, and Admin Actions

  • Reactions can now be accessed from within the meeting rooms.


  • A warning icon is now displayed when the other party's network status is poor.
    A triangle icon is displayed on the opponent's avatar

  • Admins can now select and delete public chats.

  • The color now changes depending on the number of antennas.

  • Building elevators are now visible outside spaces and screen sharing.

  • The display ratio of camera video and screen sharing in the meeting room has been changed to 2 cameras: 8 sharing screens.

  • When changing the timezone of a space, the confirmation dialog now shows an explanation.
    Time zone


  • Changed the SSO setting in access permission settings to "Activate SSO authentication".

  • The search window now has focus so that you can search for users as soon as you open the user list.

  • Hovering over room avatars now shows their full name.
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