Free Trial

We offer a two-week free trial to new oVice customers. Choose the size of space you like and try out the various features.

  • No credit card registration required
  • Various layouts available
  • Almost all functions can be used
    *Additional functions of Team and Business plans cannot be used. (Insight, windows socket, etc.)
  • After the free trial, the corresponding space can be changed to paid use


How to Sign Up

1.  Access the free trial form

2. Enter your email address and click "Next"

*You can also use public SSO (Google, etc.) instead of directly entering your email address. In this case, after completing step 3, proceed to step 7.

3. Enter your account information and click "Next"

Enter your name and set a password to log in to your ovice account.

4. [Optional] Enter your company/organization name and phone number and click "Next"

*From now on, the procedure will proceed on the current screen, so please do not close this browser tab.

5. Access the authentication URL in the received authentication email

Subject: [ovice] Email address verification

*If you do not receive the e-mail, click "Resend verification e-mail".

6. Close the authentication completion screen and return to the procedure screen in step 4

7. Enter the space name and click "Next"

5. Select the purpose of use and the expected number of users per day and click "Next"

*S size or M size space will be applied depending on the selected content.

6. Confirm that you want to use the camera and microphone in ovice and click "Move to space"

7. Allow use of web browser's camera, microphone, etc.

* Even if you select "Block" in this step, you can allow it later.
Check your web browser's site permissions

9. Perform one of the operations in "Click or Enter to start" to access the space



Set up, customize your space, and explore each feature.

Administrator Guide (Setup) 
Administrator Guide (Space Customization) 
User Guide


  • When the application is completed, the applicant will receive information on the space URL and login email address.
    Subject: [ovice] Space issuance notice
  • The applicant has space administrator and organization owner authority.
  • If the applicant does not log in for the first time within 7 days after the start of the free trial, the issued space will be deleted.



Error Message: "This email address has already been registered with ovice. Please log in and apply again."

Please log in to your ovice account below and apply again.
Login URL


Error Message: "This email address has already been registered with ovice and a space has been created in the past. "

You can apply for a free trial of ovice only once per person.


The admin settings menu does not appear when I access the space.

You may be logged into a different ovice account. Please log out from your account and try logging in again with the email address listed in the email with the subject " [ovice] Notice of space issuance ".


I can't login

Please check if the password is correct. If the problem persists, please reset your password.
Password reset


I want to extend my trial

It cannot be extended.


I want to apply for a trial again

Only one trial is allowed per person.


I want to change the space domain (○○ part of https://○○

It can be set by the customer.


I want to carry over the space settings during the trial period to the paid version

You can use the paid version with all settings inherited.

* Note: when changing the space size, the layout being set will be automatically changed to the ovice default layout.


I want to end my trial/close my space

If you want to terminate the use, you will need to complete the necessary procedures.
space closure


Switch to paid version

Account owners may access the Billing area of your account, choose a plan, and enter payment information.

Please apply for your desired plan below.

Application for Team/Business plan Application 
for Entry-S/Entry-M plan 
One-time application
Reference: List of plans


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