December 11, 2023 Layout Creation Function (Christmas Season Only) Released

For a limited time during Christmas, you can now decorate your space using parts such as Santa Claus and Christmas trees. Please see below for usage instructions.
Creating a layout (1).gif

Active Time Period

December 11, 2023 - December 26, 2023
*The layout reflected in the space can be used even after the provision period.


Change the Layout After Christmas Period

If you want to change the layout to the state before decoration, please reapply the background image from before the layout was created to the space using the following method.

When using ovice layout

Please refer to "When selecting from preset images" in the guide below and select the original background image.
Layout settings

If you are using the original layout

Please refer to "When uploading an original image" in the guide below and select the original image from My Layout.
Layout settings

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