Signal Strength Indicator

How strong is your connection? Visually check your server connection status in real time for your workspace with the signal strength indicator. 


Signal Key

Check the communication status in your usage environment with the number of antennas displayed in the upper right menu bar. Similar to the signal strength indicator on your mobile devices, the higher the bars, the better and faster the signal.

The notation of ms (milliseconds) indicates that the smaller the number, the faster the packet arrival speed and the better the communication situation.


5 very fast
4 fast
3 somewhat slow
Two slow
One very slow
loading icon connecting
yellow triangle mark disconnected


2. If the number of antennas is 2 or less, or if the connected or unconnected status continues, please consider reviewing your network environment.


If Your internet connection is unstable is displayed at the bottom of the screen, it is taking a long time to access our server.
If the antenna shows a loading icon, please check the network environment.

Examples of events caused by deterioration of communication conditions

  • Screen sharing or camera footage freezes
  • Audio stutters
  • Background image does not load when accessing space

If the problem persists

If you're still having issues with five antennas up, check out our troubleshooting article.

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