Moving Your Avatar

Move your Avatar through the space to interact with other users, objects, and resources. 

There are 3 ways to move your Avatar:

  1. Click and drag with a mouse or trackpad
  2. Using keyboard arrow keys
  3. Double-click to a new location in the space
  4. Using the Mini-Map Feature


Click and Drag is ideal for short trips. Just click and hold with your mouse or trackpad, and drag.




Keyboard arrows are great for fine-tuning smaller distances (single-click), or keyboard users (hold). Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. If up/down and left/right keys pressed simultaneously, avatars can move diagonally (ex: ^ + >)




Double-click is ideal for longer distances. Simply double-click on the spot you want to relocate to.




Mini-Map is best for teleporting further, or to quickly locate an area or room in the space. Click the Map icon button in the bottom horizontal menu, and click the area on the map you wish to move to. Click the X to close the map.






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