[NEW UI] Manage User Access Restrictions and Blacklists

Blocklists limit access to spaces for specific users.


Items that can be set

  • email address
  • IP address

Setting method

  1. Space settings → Click "Block list"

  2. Click the "+" button for Block by Email Address or Block by IP Address



  3. Enter the block target information and press the enter key

    * Make sure that the input value is enclosed in black.


  4. Click "Save"


  • Blocklist settings override permission settings.For example, if you set the same email address in the blocklist and access permission settings, the blocklist settings will take precedence and the user with the corresponding email address will not be able to access the space.
  • The email addresses you specify in your blocklist are only valid for users logged into your oVice account.It has no effect if the user you want to restrict enters the space without logging in.
  • Blocklist is disabled for users with administrator privileges.
  • The registered block list can be searched by partial match from each search window.

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