Keyboard Shortcut/Quick Key List

These are shortcut keys that can be used with ovice.

Key Action
Enter Open Space Open/Close Chat Pane
Entering Space
(browser version only)
Click to Start
In Away Status Switching Status from Away to Available
Space Microphone On/Off Toggle
Space (hold) Whisper
Arrows (up, down, left and right) Avatar Movement
Ctrl/Command + Enter Send a Chat
Ctrl/Command + F User Search
Ctrl/Command + Mouse Movement Zoom Display
Ctrl/Command + Mouse Movement Adding Mentions to Mention Chat
Shift + A  Switch Status to Away
Shift + B Switch Status between Available and Busy
Esc Exit from Room/Exit from Object
*Does not work if you are inputting text in ovice.
*In the conference room, a confirmation dialog will be displayed after pressing the ESC key, so you will need to click "Leave the room".



You can check the list of shortcut keys in the support center at the bottom left of the space.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 6.00.12.png

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