Subscription FAQs


What are the accepted payment methods?

Bank transfer and credit card payment are possible.

*Only credit cards can be used for Entry-S and Entry-M.


Which credit cards can be used?

Accepted credit cards are as follows:

  • Visa
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • China UnionPay (CUP)
  • Discover and Diners Club
  • Eftpos Australia


How do I register or change my billing address information?

You can register and change your password in the following ways.
Change billing information

Also, please refer to the article below for how to download the invoice.
Download Invoice/Receipt


Can I get a pricing quote?

You can create a quote using the form below.
ovice Quotation Form


Can you issue a receipt?

Download receipts by following the steps in the linked article below.
Downloading invoices/receipts
*For Entry-S, Entry-M, and One Time users, only credit card payments can be downloaded.


Is there a minimum contract period restriction?

Subscription durations are as follows:

For bank transfer Recurring plans From 1 calendar month
*Automatically renewed in units of 1 month/12 months.
Single-use plans 1 week
For credit card payment Recurring plans From 1 month
Single-use plans 1 week


Is long-term contract possible with credit card payment?

Subscriptions are available with 1 month or 1 year automatic renewal.

Is it possible to transfer contracts?

ovice is a service that you must start using after agreeing to the terms of use .
We do not transfer individual NDAs, confidentiality agreements, outsourcing agreements, memorandums of understanding, etc.

After signup for a paid version, when can I start using it?

You can use it as soon as the subscription and payment process is completed.


Can I get a security check sheet?

For security audits, we publish a security check master sheet.
security check sheet


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