Check/Change Billing Information

Review past billing information, change payment methods, and change billing information.


Access Your Billing Information

For Team/Business plan

1. Select the Organization tab on the main menu



2. Click Plans and Billing

3. Click Billing Information at the top right of the screen


For Entry-S, Entry-M, One Time, Old Plans

Note: if you applied for a plan before June 14, 2023, you can only access "Billing Information" if you log in with the account that made the payment.


1. Select the Space tab on the main menu



2. Click Plans and Billing

3. On Old Plans, Agree to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and click Change Plan

Check Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Box and click "Change Plan"


4. Click Billing Information on the upper left of the screen

*If the "Billing Information" button is not displayed, the email address of the payer may be incorrect, so please contact ovice customer support.


Change payment method

Change your credit card information.

1. Open Plans and Billing

2. Click Add payment method


3. Enter your credit card information and click Add *
Check Use as default payment method.


Change billing information

Change the billing information on invoices and receipts, and where to receive emails from Stripe (the payment system).

1. Open Plans and Billing

2. Click Update Information for billing and shipping information


3. Enter your name, address, email address, etc. and click Save

*You cannot change your name on Entry-S, Entry-M, One Time, and Old Plans.


Download Invoice/Receipt

1. Open Plans and Billing

2. Click the date displayed in the invoice history

3. Click Download Invoice or Download Receipt




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