I want to use only SSO authentication as the login method to access the space.

Set the login method for users for SSO authentication only, and set it so that users who log in with their email address and password will not be able to access the space.


Setting Method

1. Perform SSO settings such as SAML authentication for the space SSO
SSO settings


2. Set Permission to open the Access Permission screen

3. Check SSO in step 1 in Activate SSO Authentication

4. Delete all email addresses and domains registered in Email Address authentication of Space Access Settings.


As a result, if users try to access the space by any method other than the specified SSO authentication, they will receive an error message.



  • Access permission settings are not applied to users with administrator privileges, so even if you perform the above settings, Admins can log in with their email address and password and access the space.
  • E-mail address, domain, and SSO in access permission settings are judged by OR conditions, so if you add an e-mail address and domain, you cannot narrow down the login method to SSO authentication only.

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