Space Settings

You can set notifications and other settings in Space Settings in Personal Settings .


Space Notifications

It is set to on by default.

Allow space notifications

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.16.15 PM.png

On Receive notifications from ovice.
Off Stops all notifications from ovice (OS notifications, notification sounds, pop-up notifications on spaces). Even if you turn it off, you will still see all notifications in Notification Center .


Notification Options

Notification Sound Select whether or not there is a notification sound.
Favorite User Enters Workspace Choose whether to display pop-up notifications on the space. When set to on, a pop-up will be displayed for a certain period of time. (It will not be displayed if you are in a meeting room.)

If you receive a long mention chat, you can click "Continue" to see the full text.
Mention Chat
Missed Call
Shoulder Tap


Other Settings

On Always show the control toolbar.Screenshot 2024-01-30 1.27.48.png
Off The control toolbar disappears after a few seconds if no mouse activity is confirmed over the space. It will reappear if you move the mouse over the space.



My Seat


By specifying a specific position within a space in advance, you can start using the space from the specified position when accessing the space.

1. Open "Space Settings" in Personal Settings 

2. Enter the space URL including coordinates (@x, y) in your seat location.

Example: https://○○,700

*The space URL for the Free plan is different from the above, so please check here .

*If you want to set your current location on the space as your seat location, click the current location button.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.26.45 PM.png

3. Click “Save location URL”



  • To delete your location, delete the URL you entered and click "Save location URL."



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