Organization User Management

Manage organization users. Organization users are billed on the per-user pricing plan.
About Team/Business plan contract users


Eligible Plans

  • Team
  • Business


Verify Organization User

1. Click the hamburger menu on the top left of the screen and select the Organization tab on the main menu.
The Organization tab can only be accessed by the organization owner.
Manage organization owners

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2. Organization Settings → Click User Management

Users will be added to Organization Users when they access the space with admin/member privileges.


Checking the Number of Billable Organization Users

You can find it on the top left when you open Manage Organization Users .
Number of organization users (current number of billable users) / number of contract users

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Revoking Account Verification for Organizational Users

Revoke account verification for organization users and prompt them to re-verify via email.

1. Open Organization User Management

2. Click the email button displayed in the corresponding user's action

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3. Click "Cancel Account Verification"


Delete Organization User

Delete the relevant user from organization users (chargeable users).

1. Open Organization User Management

2. Click the trash can button displayed in the corresponding user's actions

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3. Click Delete

Once the deletion is complete, you can assign the deleted account to other users who wish to use it as administrators or members.

Even if you delete an organization user, it will not be deleted from each space. Please be sure to check the following guide for detailed procedures such as account management when leaving.

Removal and restricted access from organizational users



  • When you change an organization user to visitor or guest privileges on the space management screen, if that user does not have member or higher privileges in other spaces belonging to the organization, they will be removed from the organization user list.
  • When you invite a user as a member, they are added to your organization's users. If the target user does not access the space within 7 days of receiving the invitation, or if the invitation is revoked by the administrator, they will be removed from the organization's user list.
    Inviting users 
    User management (inviting to spaces)
  • You can filter by authority or group, or search for users by username or email address.
  • Users with "-" displayed in the authority column are chargeable users who are not organization owners.

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