Microphone Object

This object is suitable for lectures and panel discussions because you can restrict speakers by managing connections to the object. Available in space objects.
Using Space Objects


Object Functionality

The following functions are available for each authority. You can check the connection privileges for an object on the object's information screen .

If you have permission to connect

You can connect to objects and do the following:

  • Turn on the microphone and speak
  • Allow or deny connection requests from users who do not have permission to connect
  • Restrict connections to objects
  • Change object range
If you have administrator privileges
  • Disconnecting a connected user
If you do not have permission to connect
  • Listening to audio and video within the range of an object
  • If the connection request is approved, connect to the object and speak



Connection to object

To turn on the microphone within range of an object, you must connect it to the object. Please connect to the object using the following method.

If you have permission to connect Click the object icon or Connect.
If you do not have permission to connect

Clicking on the object icon or "Connect" will send a connection request. Once approved, you will be connected to the object.


Responding to connection requests

Select whether to allow or deny connection requests from users who do not have permission to connect.


If allowed Authorized users can now connect to the object, turn on the microphone, and speak.
(Example) Please allow users who do not have permission to connect, such as external lecturers or questioners, to speak.
If you refuse The target user will be notified of the rejection.
Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 8.19.39 PM.png


Disconnecting a connected user

If you want to restrict what connected users can say, disconnect them from the object.
(Example) When the questioner has finished asking a question, etc.

How to select from user list

Click on the three dots next to the target user and select "Kick from Object".
user list
How to click on your avatar

1. Click on the target user

2. Click on the three dots

3. Click “Kick from Object”

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 8.26.14 PM.png

Users with administrator privileges cannot be disconnected. Additionally, disconnected users will see a notification.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 8.28.20 PM.png


Connection Restrictions to Objects

Restricts connections to the object to only users who are already connected at the time. During connection restrictions, you will not be able to make new connections or send connection requests.

To do so, click the Connection Restrictions button on the Control toolbar.

Click the same button again to remove the restriction.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 8.17.29 PM.png



Change Object Range

Only users with permission to connect can change the object's range.
Using Space Objects




Users within range of a microphone object who are not connected to the object cannot turn on their microphone.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 8.23.43 PM.png


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