Close Enough: Proximity Circles

Proximity Circles - the gray bubbles that surround users and interactive objects - help us to know when we are 'in range' to connect. As you drag your Avatar around the space, you'll be able to see your own Circle, as well as the active Proximity Circles of the other users and objects in your space. 

Note: The size of the circle can be changed within the range of 0.5x to 64x depending on the user's authority.




To engage in a voice chat, you'll want to be sure you're well within the other user's circle (or that you're both connected to the same Object). Just like an in-person conversation, you'll want to ensure that not only you're near enough, but that you're facing the right way - make sure your Avatar's Arrow (directional indicator) is facing your subject! As you move further away, you'll notice the sound fades as well. 

The whisper function allows you to change the range to half size for a period of time. This feature will be released soon.

Learn more about Voice Conversations HERE.

Note: others in your space nearby may be able to hear your conversation if they are also within range. For confidential chats, it may be best to make use of a private Meeting Room.



Objects in the space also have proximity range  - you must be within range to click on or otherwise interact with objects. To interact with Embedded Content objects in the space, you'll also need to be within the boundaries of that object's settings. Once within the boundary of an Embedded Content Object, a window will automatically open with the content - this window is viewable only to you or any other users also connecting with the object, and can be moved or resized. Learn more about interacting with Embedded Content HERE.



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