The YouTube Object

Find a great video tutorial you want to review with a teammate? Or maybe something just for fun? From instructional how-to resources, to setting up some great ambient music for the space, there are plenty of use cases for the YouTube Object in any oVice space.

An object for playing YouTube that you want to share on the space. In the case of music content, it is also possible to play it as BGM on the space. Available for space objects or quick objects.

Using Space ObjectsUsing 
Quick Objects


Settings (Space Object)

1. Connect to space object

2. [Only if you want to change the video] Enter the URL and click "Load"


3. Setting Options

Background Music (BGM) Only audio is played within the range of the object and no windows are activated.
Loop When it is played to the end, it will automatically start playing again from the beginning.


4. Click the Play button

Once the video is played, it will not pause after disconnecting from the object. All users who approach the object's range can watch the video at the same playback position.


Settings (Quick Object)

1. Launch YouTube Quick Object from + in bottom menu bar.

2. Enter the URL and click "Play"


3. Click the Play button to start watching


Play, pause, and volume controls of the user who launched the object are reflected to all viewers.


How to View Content

As you approach the range of the object, the window will wake up and you can view the content. Space objects that are set to BGM will only play audio.



  • For large audiences, set a wider range of objects.
    quick object
  • While connected to the YouTube object, you can communicate with other users using the microphone and live avatar. Toggle each one on in the control toolbar as needed.
  • If the window does not launch when you are close to the extent of the object, have a connectable user connect to the object and check the settings below.
    • Click the play button that appears in the middle or bottom left of the video
    • Uncheck BGM


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