The Megaphone Dynamic Object

Have an announcement to make? Open the Megaphone Object to broadcast a live message to the entire space all at once, regardless of their proximity.


Open the Megaphone Dynamic Object

  1. Click the + button in the Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar
  2. Select Megaphone
  3. Turn on your mic



User's mic will be turned on automatically once selecting megaphone

All Active users in the space will be able to hear you clearly at the same volume.* Especially useful for all-team announcements, or addressing event attendees.


Click the Megaphone in the Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar to toggle off. 

  • Megaphone's sound won't reach any areas but an open space (Users in meeting rooms, silent rooms and away area can’t hear the announce)
  • You can't connect to other objects while using megaphone
  • You can turn your mic on/off while using megaphone


*Note: Megaphone volume level is set by Admins in Space Settings > Space > Megaphone Volume


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