[NEW UI] View & Export User Logs

Check the access history of all users to the space, and output CSV to process the data.


Method of operation

  1. Space settings → click "User log"

Viewable items

  • action
    • Online: Entering a Space
    • Offline: Leave the space
    • Enter: Enter the conference room
    • Leave: Leave the meeting room
  • name
  • Email address (only for users with an oVice account)
  • Log ID: A unique ID to identify the problem log when a problem occurs
  • IP address: IP address used by the user
  • Port number: the port used by the user
  • Details: Meeting room name
  • date and time

CSV data output method

  1. Click "Export as CSV"

  2. Specify the date and time and click "Download"

    * You can specify within the range of the past year.

  3. Receive email for download

    Subject: Workspace log export finished

    From: no-reply@laravel.ovice.di-agile.io

  4. Click "download the file" in the email text to get the data


  • User logs are searchable by partial name match.
  • The email for CSV download will be sent to the user who performed the CSV output operation on the administrator screen.
  • The CSV download link is valid for 7 days.
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