What is Krisp?

Krisp is an external service that specializes in removing noise and echo from online voice calls using AI technology. ovice uses it for the noise canceling function.


Noise Canceling Effect

By setting this, you can cancel and reduce the ambient noise that is picked up by the microphone. It works for both voice and video calls.


Setting Method

Please refer to the following.
Microphone/speaker settings



Are there any additional costs for using the features?



When should I turn Krisp on and off?

If you use a high-quality microphone in a quiet environment, the processing performed by Krisp may degrade the sound quality. We recommend turning it on only if you are concerned about ambient noise, and turning it off in a quiet environment.


Does this work when using ovice on a mobile device?

Noise cancellation is not supported on mobile at this time.


Do you share any of my information with Krisp?

No, we do not provide your information to Krisp.

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