Free Plan

This plan allows you to use ovice for free. After completing the 2-week free trial, it will switch to the free plan, and the free plan button will be displayed on the upper right of the space screen.


Available Features

The maximum number of people who can access the free plan at the same time is 5 people See below for other available features and some feature limitations.
Plan List


Switch to a Paid Plan

If you switch from a free plan to a paid plan, your previous space settings will not be reset. You can continue to use the settings as before.
* If changing the space size, the new layout will be automatically changed to the ovice default background.

Sign up for your desired plan below:

Team/Business Plan
Entry-S/Entry-M Plan
One-Time Application


Closing your Space

If you want to terminate use of your space, please follow the procedure below.
space closure



When switching from the free trial to the free plan, a dialog will be displayed when the administrator signs in, and you can apply for the plan from the "Change to paid plan" option.


* If you initially select Continue with the free plan, you can apply for a paid plan later.
 Switch to a paid plan

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