The Screenshare Dynamic Object

Sometimes you just have to see it - share your screen in oVice instantly, with no need for outside tools or creating links! Best of all, you can share more than one window at a time (unlike those other guys). Happy sharing!


Meet the Screen share Object

Screen Sharing is facilitated by the Screen share Object. Simply open a Screen share Dynamic Object, and anyone who connects to it will be able to see your shared content.

 Objects are always Dynamic (you'll create your own temporary Screen share Object from the Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar). As long as all users you wish to share with are connected to the same Screens hare Object, you'll all be viewing the same content.


Create Your Own Dynamic  Object

Create you own Screen share Object right where you are: click the + Button in the Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar, and choose Screen share

A window will open to allow you to choose what you want to share: 

  • Entire Screen (everything on your desktop)
  • Window (one specific browser window or open application)
  • Chrome Tab (one specific tab in your active Chrome window)
  • Win users can share audio in the PC by selecting entire screen or chrome tab
  • Mac users can share audio in the PC by selecting chrome tab
  • Users can turn on their mics connecting to the screen share object

Select your choice (you should see a blue border or highlight on your selection), and click the Share button.



A new Dynamic Screen share Object will appear in the space, and will be connected to your Avatar. Your teammate(s) will just need to click the Object to connect and view your shared content. If you are already connected with others via a Meeting Camera Object, they will see your shared Content by default.


Note: Users may be connected to multiple Objects at one time in a space. For example, Users on a Video Call can also be sharing multiple Screen shares. Each User may also share more than one Screen share at a time - unlike other tools, you are not limited to one at a time. No need to stop sharing and re-share to toggle between windows!


Managing Screen share Windows

When connected to a Screen share Object, a shared window will appear. The window may be minimized or maximized, resized (grab and drag any corner), and moved around the screen (click and drag). This is helpful especially when there are several windows open at once. Organize them along the side of the space, or wherever is most convenient.


Stop Screen sharing

To stop sharing content, the creator of the Object can click the red X on their window or the Stop Sharing option in their browser bar; individual participants may also click the red LEAVE button they'll see on their window view to close the window on their own, or they may move their Avatars out of range.




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