Unable to Share My Screen

If you are having issues using the Screenshare feature, you may need to enable the correct permission in your device settings. 


How to Resolve

1. Check connection to screen share object

When sharing screens on a space, users who are not connected to one line cannot see each other's screen sharing as shown below.
Make sure they are connected to each other with one line.


2.  Check space settings

Make sure the screen share object is allowed in the quick object settings.

3. Check OS settings (MacOS only)

See the article below.
Apple support page

*If the web browser you are using is already turned on, use the "-" button to delete the web browser from the list, and then press the "+" button to add it again.


4. Check security software

See the article below.
Trouble caused by security software/service


If Not Resolved

Please contact our technical support with the following information.

  • OS type and version
  • Web browser type and version
  • what is happening
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