Error displayed when playing a video through the YouTube object

If the image is not displayed when you approach the object, or if an error message is displayed on the object screen, try the following solutions.


Possible Causes

  • Object not set correctly
  • A web browser extension is affecting
  • Ad-blocker: If you're using a YouTube ad-blocking plug-in for your browser, make sure to turn it off.
  • Restricted mode: The video owner might have disabled video playback on other websites other than YouTube.


How to Resolve

1. Enter the URL and start playing

For space objects, press “Load” and then click the play button.


For quick objects , press Play, then click the play button.


*If you have set a video before the live broadcast, please wait until the broadcast starts before clicking the play button. Before streaming, the image will not be displayed even if you approach the object.


2. Check the "BGM" and "Loop" settings for space objects

background music When on , the image will not be displayed when approaching an object.
Loop When off , neither audio nor video will start when approaching an object that has finished playing.


3. Turn off web browser extensions

Ad blockers may interfere with the normal operation of the Youtube object.


4. Check your video's visibility settings

Make sure the video is public and not private on Youtube.


5. Turn off Restricted Mode

Please refer to the following article if the administrator of the device you are using has set YouTube viewing restrictions.
Youtube support page


6. Remove video embed restrictions

If you are the owner of the video, check the playback limit settings on other websites.
Youtube support page


If not resolved

Please contact our technical support with the following information.

  • OS type and version
  • Web browser type and version
  • what is happening
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