Remove and Restrict Access from Organizational Users

To remove a billable organization user, it is necessary to prevent the user from accessing each space beforehand.


Eligible Plans

  • Team
  • Business

Relationship Between Organization User Deletion and Access Restrictions

If the user to be deleted has administrator or member privileges in any of the spaces associated with the organization (even if they are deleted from the organization), they will be automatically re-assigned as an organization user if they re-access the space (they will be registered and billed).

Therefore, be sure to revoke the user's authority in all spaces under the organization to which administrator or member authority has been granted, and then remove it from the organization user.


How to Do It

1. Revoke Permissions

When users are managed using an access permission/block list:

If you are not using an access permission/block list:

2. Delete Organization User

Please check the following for how to delete from the billing target.
Organization user management

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