April 3, 2024 Reload Function, etc, Released

Added Reload Function

When a loading error occurs, you can now reload the screen immediately by clicking the reload button.
Space screen reload

Screenshot 2024-03-27 pm 2.28.22.png


New Shortcut Keys

  • [Ctrl/Command key + mouse wheel operation] You
    can now change the display magnification of the space.
    Zoom Display
  • [Ctrl/Command key + mouse drag operation]
    You can now add mentions to the chat text area.
    *With this release, we have changed the specifications so that the mention destination in the text area will be overwritten if you only drag the mouse.
    Direct Messages


When Users Enter a Meeting Room

The timing at which avatars enter a meeting room has been changed.

Before Change When you click on the conference room
After Change When you click "Enter with microphone off" or "Enter with microphone on"
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 9.26.51 PM.png

This release resolves an issue where in-room audio could be heard during audio settings when entering a room, or an avatar could already appear in a meeting room.


Change the Audio Settings View when Entering a Meeting Room

When entering a conference room using the following method, the audio settings screen will not be displayed when you enter the room, and you will enter the conference room with the microphone turned off.

  • When you are taken directly to the conference room using the intercom
  • When you enter a conference room as a guest from the conference room invitation link
  • When you enter the conference room from the conference room URL (https://app.ovice.com/ws/◯◯/@room_id-xxx)


Add/Update Public API

  • The user status update API now supports "Available" and "Working" statuses.
  • We have started providing the following public APIs.
    • Display of offline users by specifying X, Y coordinates

See below for details.
Public API Overview

About Added APIs


Improved UI of Avatar Popup

Added some profile information to the content displayed in the avatar popup.

▼When you place the cursor on your avatar ▼When you click on your avatar
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.54.07 PM.png
Department, title, location time, and status notes (if configured) are now also displayed.
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.54.16 PM.pngStatus and profile text are now also displayed.


End of provision of "Information display regarding desktop application usage" setting

We have discontinued the provision of guidance display settings for using the desktop app. Information will no longer be displayed in the web browser version for organization spaces that have been set to be hidden on this settings screen.

ovice recommends using the desktop app. See below for the benefits of using the desktop app.
Advantages of Using the Desktop App


Minimap Feature Discontinued

We have discontinued the minimap function. To check the entire space, please use Zoom Display Function and Browsing Function .


Improved Notification Functionality

  • Clicking on each notification in Notification Center now displays the target user's avatar on the screen. ( Excluding chat notifications)
    Notification Center


  • When you click on the OS notification you receive, the ovice window is brought to the forefront and your avatar is now displayed on the screen.


Improvements in Notation and Design

  • "Check current location" has been added to the tooltip when you hover over your name on the control toolbar.
    Check your current location

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.59.10 PM.png

  • Added a tooltip explaining the function to the lock button in the conference room.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.01.07 PM.png

  • The tooltip on the schedule screen has been modified to correspond to the seat reservation socket and conference room.
▼Seat reservation socket schedule screen ▼Conference room schedule screen
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.04.06 PM.png Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.05.01 PM.png
  • Added a link to OS Settings Guide to the error message when OS settings are required .


  • The information mark displayed next to an object is clickable, so it will now switch to a hand cursor when you hover over it.

Screenshot 2024-03-28 AM 10.43.04.png

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.06.35 PM.png

  • When the microphone is turned on and background noise is detected for a certain period of time, a tooltip will now appear to guide you through the noise canceling feature.


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