Direct Messages (Mention Chats)

Send a chat to a specific user. Mention chat can only see the message of the user who was mentioned. Recipients receive notifications. Who can send depends on the mention chat permissions in admin settings.


View Direct Messages

A pop-up notification appears with a sound effect. (You can select whether or not to display sound effects and pop-up notifications in the space notification settings .) You can also check the history in the notification center and chat screen.

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Open the Chat Pane

Click the "Chat" button on the upper right of the screen or open the chat screen with the enter key on the keyboard.

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Send mention chat

1. Open the chat screen

2. Click "@" in the text area

3. Select recipients (multiple selections are possible)

  • Select from list
  • Partial match search in search window

4. Confirm that the destination has been added and click the send button

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Sending Other Mention Chats

Select from Chat History

Clicking on each chat will add the sender of that chat and all mentioned users to the text area as mentionees.

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Click the Space Avatar

Clicking on your avatar and selecting "Chat" will open the chat with the mentionee added.

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Range Selection in Space

Click and drag a box around your target user(s). The chat will open with the users included in the specified range added to the mention destination.

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Select from User List

Click the target user's three dots and select "Chat" to open the chat with the mention destination added.
user list

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Reply from Notification Center

Open the received mention in Notification Center and select "Reply" from the three dots.

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Type of Mention Destination

Send mention chats to specific groups as well as specific users.

How to specify mail recipient
@display name Specific users in the space
@all All users in the space
@openspace Users in the space excluding users in the room while away
@here If the sender is connected to an object Users
connected to the same object as the sender

If the sender is in a room Users
in the same room as the sender
@room name Users in the specified room (empty rooms cannot be selected)
@admin Users with admin privileges in the space
@member Users with member privileges in the space
@visitor Users with visitor privileges in the space
@Group chat mention name User organization user management (group) added to the relevant group

*The users included in the addressee will receive the chat regardless of their status (away, working, etc.). (While you are away, you will not be able to receive chats sent to @openspace.)
*You can specify multiple mention recipients at the same time.

Save Mention Destinations (Pinning Users)

If you pin the mentionee, the mentionee will be kept in the text area even after sending the chat. It is possible to keep one or more mentions of all mentions such as @all, @here, @display name.

How to Pin

1. Add mention destination to text area

2. Click the pin 


In this state, you can send chats to the same mention destination as many times as you like.


Check and Edit Pinned Mentions

1. Click "○ User (○ Group)" displayed next to "Pinned"Screenshot_2023-03-17_at_9.28.35_AM.png

2. To delete, click the "X" button next to each user

3. To add, click "@" or directly enter the mention destination following @



You can unpin it with a pin or the "x" button next to "Pinned". Alternatively, reloading the browser tab or exiting the space will also cancel it.




    • See below for other chat operations and specifications such as chat deletion and export.
    • Please refer to the following for the storage period of chat on the server.
      Security FAQs

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