Reaction Emoji Function

During a conversation or meeting in a space, a single emoji can be used to convey reactions to people around you.

Post an Emoji Reaction to Your Teammates

1. Click the emoticon button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen


2. Click any emoji from the displayed emoji menu.

3. An emoji is displayed in a speech bubble with a sound effect above the avatar.


You can also react by entering the corresponding characters (hand, etc.) with the keyboard without opening the reaction menu.


Emoji Corresponding Characters Sound Effect
👏 clap Crackling
hands Bun
👌 okay Bun
👍 good Bun
🙌 - Bun
🥁 drums Drum Roll
nope Boo
love Poyon
🎉 tada Bread


High Five Function

When nearby users react to each other with the following emojis, a high-five sound effect will occur.
Or if nearby users type "hand" and "five" or "high" and "five" to each other, that's a high five.


  • Make sure the chat is not open when reacting by typing.
  • If you enter alphanumeric characters while chat is not open, up to 4 characters will be displayed in red on your avatar.
  • Reactions may be used in the open space as well as in meeting rooms.
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