Shoulder Tap

Shoulder Tap Function

Tap someone on the shoulder before speaking to indicate that you want to talk to them.

How to Tap a User in the Space

1. Get in their bubble - move within proximity range where the other party (near enough for a voice conversation).


2. Double-click the opponent's avatar to reveal the options menu, and choose Tap

Please refer to the following.
user list

Either method works if you are within voice range. "Shoulder Tap" cannot be used if you are outside the voice range.



3. The message Sent Hello! to User XXXXX is displayed on the upper right of the screen.



Receiving a Shoulder Tap

If another user taps you in the space, you'll receive a sound effect notification. In the chat, a direct mention message will appear with the name of the user who has tapped you, and their direct mention name will be prefilled in the text box for you to reply.
Receive OS notifications with sound effects. In addition, a mention chat "@◯◯ ✋" is automatically sent from the user who tapped on the shoulder.


  • You can also click on an avatar from the User List and select Shoulder Tap.
  • Shoulder Tap is not available when you are out of proximity range of the user you wish to engage with.

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