Voice Conversations

In an oVice space, you can have natural conversations with your teammates, just as you would in person. Catch up from the weekend, collaborate on a project, or get quick answers - as simply as if you were in the same room. Turn on your mic and start talking!


Check Your Permissions & Settings

As long as you allowed browser permissions to use your mic at login, you should be good to go. Check your Personal Audio Settings to ensure your preferred mic and speaker input/output options are connected. 



Turn on Your Mic

Click the Mic button in the bottom horizontal menu, or use your space bar to toggle off/on.



Proximity: Get in Range to Be Heard

Just get a little closer! Merge your Proximity Circles to get within range of one or more other users for a spontaneous chat. The nearer you are, the clearer the sound will be. Too much distance, and the sound will begin to fade.  Make sure you're facing your subject - the arrow indicator on your Avatar will show the direction you're facing in the space. Just remember, anyone in range of your Circle will be able to listen in!




Audio Stabilizer: Strengthen the Connection

Sound or connectivity not the best? Have several people joining the conversation? Use an existing Audio Stabilizer (or spin up your own) to improve the connection. The same is true of other Objects in the space as well - as long as all persons in the conversation are connected to the same shared object, it will help improve the connection.  Learn more about Audio Stabilizers and other Static Objects HERE.



Broadcast it: Using the Megaphone

Need to shout it from the rafters? Make a live announcement to the entire space using the Megaphone feature. Click the + Static Object Generator from the Bottom Horizontal Menu and select Megaphone - you'll be live! Everyone in the space will hear your voice.

Click the Megaphone in the Bottom Horizontal Menu Bar to toggle off. 



Running into technical issues? Check out our Troubleshooting articles HERE.



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