'Use the ovice Desktop app for more convenience' message is displayed while I have been accessing ovice in the background

If you leave the tab with ovice open in the background (inactive) and a screen appears that says "Use the ovice Desktop app for more convenience," try the following:


Possible Cause

Unused tabs in the browser are refreshed automatically due to insufficient memory on the device or web browser settings.


How to Resolve

1. Turn off Auto Discardable

Please access the URL below and turn off Auto Discardable for the tab in which you are opening ovice.
*This operation must be performed every time you start the browser.

Google Chrome chrome://discards/
Microsoft Edge edge://discards/

There are browser extensions that allow you to save the above settings even when you close your browser.
Example: Disable automatic tab discarding (external service)


2. Web Browser Settings

Google Chrome Please access the following and add the space URL (https://◯◯.ovice.in) to "Always active sites" with Memory Saver off or on.
Microsoft Edge Please access the following and add the space URL (https://◯◯.ovice.in) to "Do not put these sites to sleep" with the sleep tab turned off or on.

*The space URL for the Free plan is different from the above, so please check the space domain here .


If Not Resolved

Please contact our technical support with the following information:

  • OS type and version
  • Web browser type and version
  • Event that is occurring

Submit a Support Request
*Please select Technical Issue as the category.

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