Use of Services in a Thin Client/VDI Environment

If you are using ovice in a thin client/VDI environment and feel that the operation of ovice is slow, or that other applications are slowing down due to the use of ovice, please check the following.


Possible Reasons for Lag

Compared to other web conferencing services, ovice performs many processes at the same time, such as space background images, animations, and avatar movement in the space, in addition to voice and video conversations with others.

The current spec also uses a lot of resources when the camera is on.

Therefore, in a thin client environment, processing may take a long time and you may feel a delay or lag.

In addition, it is designed to use almost no CPU when waiting in the office space without holding a meeting. GPU memory may be exhausted depending on the usage environment.


How to Reduce Lag

If you need to use a thin client/VDI environment, check the items below.

  1. Reducing the resources used on the terminal side
    For example, in ovice settings, reduce the background image and animation and image data, and in the ovice function, use the camera function only when necessary. Other measures that can be taken on the device itself include closing unused browser tabs and closing unused applications.
  2. Raise server-side resources
    Low server-side resources will affect the entire thin client. For example, even if you are not doing memory-intensive work, if other people using the same server are doing heavy-load work such as video conferencing, the CPU and GPU on the server side will be occupied. , it feels slow. Such phenomena will be resolved by increasing server resources.


Recommended Virtual Machine Specs

When using ovice standard functions on a thin client/VDI virtual machine, we recommend using a virtual machine with the following specifications or higher:

  • vCPU: 8 cores
  • Memory: 16GB

*Recommended specifications determined based on the results of verification in our environment. Performance may vary depending on your environment (thin client/VDI service, network, hardware, etc.).


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