External Service Integration Settings

Find Integration settings under the Integrations tab within your personal settings .


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User Status Integration

Automatically Display Google Calendar appointments and Microsoft Teams statuses instead of avatar emojis. Please refer to the following for the setting method.
Google Calendar integration 
Microsoft Teams status integration


Other Integrations

Link accounts to hold Zoom meetings on the space. Please refer to the following for the setting method:
Zoom account linkage 
Zoom object


Webhook Settings (External Notification of Direct Messages)

Set up webhooks triggered by mention chats and receive notifications from external services.

Configurable Permissions

  • administrator
  • member

How to Do It

Select "Integrations" in personal settings and enter the notification destination information and post data.

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Link Settings with Each Service

Notification to Slack Notification 
Microsoft Teams Notification 
Google Chat Notification
Gmail (using Zapier) 
Notification to Webex

Post Data Settings

Please refer to the following.
Webhook post data


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